Renaming The Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge Art Gallery Launches

Artnotes by Aberjhani Renaming TalmadgeBridge C2018

If there are any kinds of silver linings to the numerous struggles for social justice taking place across the world right now, they are probably the different songs, films, poems, essays, and fine art inspired by them. Such at least is the case involving the decades-long struggle to rename the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

A former governor of the state of Georgia (USA), Mr. Talmadge has been given his proper place in history books. However, because he so unapologetically advocated for white supremacy, citizens of Savannah and elsewhere have noted his name is not one which should be memorialized by the very modern bridge spanning the Savannah River.

Some Georgia lawmakers have echoed that observation and introduced House Resolution 1054 to propose a change. However, the resolution thus far has failed to garner the support needed (this being an election year and all that) and little appears underway to build up any new momentum.

That’s where the role of one particular artist  and the launch of “The Renaming the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge” online art gallery comes into play. The gallery started out consisting of two images in 2017. It has now grown to these five, with the most recent listed first:

4)    Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge And The Serious Politics Of Necessary Change No. 1

5)    Savannah River Bridge The Morning After Hurricane Matthew No. 2

Given Savannah’s age and racial demographics, along with administrators’ plans to position the city for a progressive leap forward, those who are aware of the issue have generally agreed maintaining the current name makes little sense. Purchase of the above individual artworks, which are available in a variety of formats (T-shirts, posters, coffee cups, wall prints, etc.) have been helping to raise awareness and encourage more definitive action.

The works are combined with exclusive Postered Chromatic Poetics processing and an important social justice theme to create compelling visual statements in a variety of innovative styles. To read the engaging stories behind each,  just click on the gallery images and visit the art piece’s page.

©Sept 2018

Talmadge Bridge Getty Images Michael Orso(photo of Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge by Michael Orso for Getty Images)

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