About Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of One Author’s Mind

A Note from the Author

More than anything else, the back door as it is approached in the pages [of Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door Of Mind] represent points in time, places in space, and regions of the spirit where sensibilities of an uncanny nature either collide or converge. Stepping through it led to the kind of adventures and misadventures for which we are rarely prepared, yet somehow often end up welcoming. The results are the kind which continue to increase literature’s prized value as it pertains to specific communities and the world at large, providing solace and shelter during the best of times and the worst.   
        (From Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of My Mind ISBN 1-716-68481-1)

Harlem Renaissance Centennial 2020

Artwork inspired by the book Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of My Mind.

“This book is a collection of essays, not an autobiography, yet Aberjhani reproduces episodes from his own life with great clarity and a lot of humour. The journey through life which makes him a writer leads him away from Savannah but also back to it. In this, his odyssey mirrors that of some of the great authors whose lives have touched his..”

Goodreads Author Richard Van Holst

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