About The Bridge of Silver Wings Reboot

This third decade of the 21st century is also the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance (1920s-1940s) a time when the excellence of African-American creative cultural arts was celebrated across the globe. The lives of the men and women who made the renaissance happen spanned the historical gap between the end of slavery in America and the beginning of a new collective adventure in American democracy. That adventure continues today as America grows increasingly diverse in ways the country’s forefathers and foremothers could have never imagined. Like the book (now known as The River of Winged Dreams) for which this site was originally named, The Bridge of Silver Wings Reboot explores through stories, art, poetry, photography, and more, the experiences bringing new meanings to our ever-evolving lives.  


“The truth is we do not always know how we go from falling off the edge of one cliff to running with determination beside the ledge of another. The Bridge of Silver Wings…is what saves a given soul when that soul no longer has any idea how to save itself.”

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