National Bookstore Day: A Great Day for a Signing

Hopefully I'll be autographing this book in a store on the next National Bookstore Day.

Hopefully I’ll be autographing this book in a store on the next National Bookstore Day.

National Bookstore Day, November 7, 2009, has to be one of the best ideas anybody has come up with to help celebrate and preserve literary culture in our digitally-revolutionized age in a very long time. It gives me a perfect excuse to scrape up a few bucks and splurge on books other than those needed for research. But now that I think about it a bit more, it also should have been a good excuse to schedule a book signing somewhere. That’s ok though–now that it has been established, there’s plenty of time to plan for next year.

I have a number of favorite bookstore haunts that I would sing about and recommend to any lover of the printed word. I also used to work at a favorite haunt which is no longer in business: it was called Media Play and I was the book department manager until family issues prompted me to resign. Fortunately, a former employee took, and hand colored, the photograph that you see here. I like to think it illustrates just how much I appreciate the presence of books in the world.

Aberjhani’s attempt to climb the bookstore ladder of success 🙂
(photo by Vickie Williams)

I also wrote about a very special event at an independent bookstore that still exists in Savannah’s Historic District and embodies all those qualities that make such stores a lasting and resurging breed. The piece is posted right here on Red Room and I invite you to read it at this url:

I hope you enjoy it.


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