New Michael Jackson Opus Published: The Different Sides of a Global Icon

New deluxe edition of The Official Michael Jackson Opus

New deluxe edition of The Official Michael Jackson Opus

The new Official Michael Jackson Opus, a 404-page 26-pound masterwork which generated tons of buzz after Kraken Opus announced its planned publication following news of the iconic singer’s death, was published December 7, 2009.

However, Jackson enthusiasts rushing to make a quick purchase of the title on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or, will discover that only Amazon currently shows any in stock, and that consists of exactly one copy. Despite the minimal inventory, the Opus moved up from a sales ranking of   640,145 in Amazon Books on December 6 to a sales ranking of 34,949 on December 7, indicating that more may or may not become available in the near future.

Those who pre-ordered the title can look forward to its imminent delivery while, for those who did not, the best bet for purchase at this point is through the Opus website or its home store in London.


The Different Sides of a Global Icon

If the movie This Is It may be considered the ultimate film tribute to the King of Pop, it is very possible that the new Opus is not only the ultimate book tribute to him but also the definitive print documentation of who Jackson truly was as an individual and creative artist. The ten sections of the king-sized title examine different facets of his life, including those that focus on him as a child star, a composer, friend, art lover, and global icon. The epigraph at the beginning of the chapter entitled "Voice" offers the following observation:

"There are so many aspects of Michael Jackson that lit up the world, but at the heart of the pop phenomenon was a simple instrument expertly employed."

If it was the expert employment of the singer’s voice that launched and sustained a musical reign spanning four decades, it was more likely his belief in a unified and unconditionally loving humanity that drew so many phenomenal souls from all walks of life to both his talent and his vision. Take, for example, the fact that the MJ Opus boasts a foreword by a Jackson legend of a different kind: the brilliant civil and human rights leader, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson. Like the singer, the reverend is no stranger to controversy and is one of the few individuals whose words could place Michael Jackson’s life in an accurate and appreciative context.

An open-boxed symbol of the MJ legacy as represented by
the Official Michael Jackson Opus.

In addition to Rev. Jackson, the Opus contains reflective affirmations from singer/TV show hostess Paula Abdul, actress Jane Fonda, dancer Savion Glover, music magnate Berry Gordy, producer Jimmy Jam, director Spike Lee, singer Olivia Newton-John, producer Quincy Jones, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, singer/composer Lionel Richie, boxing champion Mike Tyson, and numerous others whose lives have helped define culture in the modern era. 

The accompplished writers listed as the official authors of the Opus are Serena Kim, Kim Morgan, and Thane Tierney. Ironically, most people are far more familiar with the illustrious superstar contributors. Nevertheless, add to the powerhouse line-up of famous guests the fact that the book contains contributions from fans around the globe, and the extraordinary achievement represented by the Opus becomes more and more apparent.

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