Notebook on Black History Month 2012 (Part 6): The Consecrated Soul of Whitney Houston (editorial and poem by Aberjhani)

Image frame from Whitney Houston’s video for “Million Dollar Bill.”

With the death of Soul Train founder Don Cornelius at the very beginning of the month, and that of Whitney Houston on February 11, Black History Month 2012 is fated to go down in history as one during which the world lost two of its greatest champions of African-American music.  

Moreover, since almost two weeks still remain in the month, one presents such a statement with noted caution. Yet as the world community and the good people of Newark, New Jersey,  bid farewell to the elegant Whitney Elizabeth Houston, it seems appropriate to pause a moment and give some consideration to things of an elevated nature. To repeat myself from another occasion: Sometimes an angel gets in my head and refuses to leave until I write down whatever it says. It felt that way when Michael Jackson passed in 2009 and it feels like that now.

Please click the following link to read Aberjhani‘s complete article and poem in tribute to Whitney Houston:
Notebook on Black History Month 2012 (Pt.6): Consecrated Soul of Whitney Houston – National African-American Art |

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