Posted Perspectives on America’s 2012 Presidential Election (part 1 of 2) – Special Report by Aberjhani

                  President Barack Obama and NJ Gov. Chris Christie survey damage caused
                 by Hurricane Sandy and comfort survivors. (Reuters photo by Larry Downing)

Was it a matter of political irony or plain old-fashioned racism that prompted the lack of definitive media headlines proclaiming President Barack Obama––currently immersed in managing the United States’ recovery from the impact of Hurricane Sandy––the overwhelming winner of the third 2012 presidential debate?

Instead of headlines such as “Barack Obama Triumphs with Second Consecutive Debate,” or “Obama Slams Romney in Debate Showdown,” readers were treated to the likes of these from FOX News: “Third debate sets tough tone for campaign’s final stretch” and “Obama scores hollow victory against Romney (if that’s what it was).” Among the few bolder as well as more accurate announcements was: “Sargent: A pummeling for Mitt Romney in the final debate.”

In addition, although the New York Times did not put it in the headline, it did feature an in-depth editorial analysis of the debate in which it observed “Mr. Romney’s problem is that he does not actually have any real ideas on foreign policy beyond what President Obama has already done, or plans to do.  

Given the public record of muted responses to many of Mr. Obama’s singular achievements and services to his country, only one kind of irony seems involved: it is that of some Americans’ choice to pretend no such achievements or services exist. The issue is not about being on one or the other candidate’s side, as it were. It is about acknowledging reality in order to make the best political choice for oneself and one’s country in the 2012 presidential election.

Lesson on When and When not to “Give a damn”

It is also about remaining true to one’s humanity. That point was driven home powerfully in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie repeatedly affirmed before reporters that President Obama, working with FEMA, had acted swiftly to expedite his state’s recovery from the now historic storm. 

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Posted Perspectives on America’s 2012 Presidential Election (part 1 of 2) – National African-American Art |

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