Sensualized transcendence: Editorial and poem on the art of Jaanika Talts (pt 2) – National African-American Art |

              Image detail from video for “Be Still My Heart” by Paul F. Xaiver with art by Jaanika Talts.

“The Universe said, ‘let me show your soul something beautiful.’”
––Aberjhani (from ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love)

If emergent expressionism lends chromatic form and substance to in-between states of metamorphosis, then transformative impressionism may be described as endowing such stages of transition with metaphorical narrative. These are images by Jaanika Talts in which her literary inclinations are most apparent and they evoke a clear theme, scene, symbol, or principle.

The artist’s depictions of mythology’s (as well as history’s and literature’s) Venus and Cupid, The Siren’s Dream, Ophelia, and Salome are a few of the canvases and digital art compositions which borrow cues from classic stories. What makes them uniquely engaging is her own finely-honed perspective, which seems as culturally expansive as it is aesthetically versatile. She is equally comfortable with more contemporary references in the mode of Hollywood screen legends like Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardener, and Sophia Loren. Their images at her touch take on a quality of regal finish that is both innovative and archetypal.

With Talts’ ability to produce highly-original art which speaks as eloquently to the heart and soul as it does to the intellect, it is not surprising that her labors have begun to inspire efforts by creative talents in different mediums. The poet Richard Michael Parker  has paired several poems with work by the artist. Videos on YouTube (and posted with this article) have both employed her art as background imagery and focused on the art itself as the video’s subject. The following original poem, titled Realms of Emerging Light (and written by this author) is presented in that same spirit of inspiration begetting inspiration. It is also shared in honor of the forthcoming World Poetry Day, March 21:

To enjoy the accompanying poem by Aberjhani please click this link:

Sensualized transcendence: Editorial and poem on the art of Jaanika Talts (pt 2) – National African-American Art |

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