The Journey Continues and the Rainbow Shines On – from The Journey and the Rainbow

New cover for forthcoming collection of quotes titled Journey through the Power of the Rainbow.

“…We are living in an era in which billions of people are grappling to promote communication, tolerance, and understanding over the more destructive forces of war, terrorism, and political chaos that have characterized the beginning of the 21st Century.” –– Aberjhani, from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow

A frequently asked question among readers who took note in 2013 that I was working on a collection of quotations is: have I abandoned the idea? That would have been easy to do considering the reluctance of traditional publishers to invest in books containing any substantial amount of material that has been previously posted on the Internet. The challenge for me, and for the tech angels who get a kick out of throwing whatever pro bono support they can in my direction, was to take a deep breath and dive into the years of published books, unpublished manuscripts, poems, articles, blogs, and essays to come up with enough material to warrant the publication of an entire book.

Well, we did exactly that, including producing a section devoted to original writings on spiritual and philosophical interpretations of rainbows. For their assistance I thank the tech angels as well as readers who shared suggestions via email. It’s true that I came close to giving up on the project but you can probably guess what some of the reasons were that caused me to stick with it. Among them is the tremendous pleasure that I and many others experience when seeing the quotes used in legitimate, inspiring, and beautiful ways.

To enjoy the complete post by Aberjhani please click this link:
The Journey Continues and the Rainbow Shines On – The Journey and the Rainbow.

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