Aberjhani: Each New Year is Another Chance to Get Love Right

“Love is the one thing we never get quite right.”
––Late great R&B singer Luther Van Dross

The singer Luther Van Dross (1951-2005) made the above statement when an interviewer asked why he sang so much about love. I wasn’t sure if I agreed completely with his response but couldn’t deny the difficulties people often have in personal relationships. Nor could I  refute the struggle humanity has long faced living up to its professed belief in love and attempts to achieve sustainable harmonious coexistence. So I look at each new year as another chance to get love right. We can call it a New Year’s resolution or a personal challenge but the need grows increasingly evident on a daily basis. 

It seems to me that what we call “history/herstory” tends to flow in alternating waves of celebrated progression, painful regressions, or sometimes simple stagnation. My hope with this art piece and another I’ve been working on is to reflect some of those tendencies of history with the polychromatic waves, arcs, and blossoms seen below. They ebb and flow in different shades of blue, violent, aquamarine, red, yellow, black, orange, green, and olive. (For original post and to purchase art please click here)

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen in the Year 2020 all the characteristics of history described above and, as said many times before, everybody’s looking forward to a better Happy New Year 2021. On top of taking just under 1.5 million lives to date, it has left an untold number continuing to suffer from resulting chronic conditions, and generally scared populations around the world silly. However, the pandemic has also reminded people of how dangerous it is to take each other so much for granted during the “good times” that they sometimes give in to abusiveness and disregard.

Harlem Renaissance Centennial 2020-2030
Creator of Authentic Silk-Featherbrush Artstyle
Author of Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of My Mind

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