10 Great Pages in My Very Own Google Plus Directory | Aberjhani | Blog Post | Red Room

(Author-poet Aberjhani art graphic by Don Dean from original photo by Kathleen Thomas.)

So many new apps, websites, and other technology innovations pop up daily on the Internet that one can sometimes cluster the significant with the not-so-much-so and erroneously dismiss both.  The first time I noticed Google + was––like Facebook before them–– allowing the creation of individual pages, I smiled with total cluelessness and clicked the mouse to continue with my research. Then my re-think alarm went off in the form of a loud inner voice yelling, “Wrong move genius! For you this can be a good thing!”

“Really?” (Like many imaginative types, I have such dialogues occasionally with myself.)

“Yes, really!  The world’s population just hit seven billion and as shocking as this may sound, the majority of them do not subscribe to your blog. ”

“Well that’s true. So, um, what…?”

 For more and for the links to the directory pages please click the following:

10 Great Pages in My Very Own Google Plus Directory | Aberjhani | Blog Post | Red Room.

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