Counselor Calls for Major Change in Talking Back to Dr. Phil (part 1 of 4) – National African-American Art |

“We each have lessons to learn and to teach, and healing is something we all do together.”—David Bedrick (Talking Back to Dr. Phil)

Black History Month is a time I usually reserve for purchasing and reading books by and about African Americans to help add functional substance to the month’s cultural and educational value.  It therefore was unlikely that I would read David Bedrick’s Talking Back to Dr. Phil ––after receiving a copy as a gift––any time soon.  This is what happened to change my mind:

Just as I was preparing to place the book halfway between a stack of titles waiting for my attention, I took a quick look inside at the acknowledgments page and read this opening sentence: “About twenty-five years ago, I had the privilege of hearing the music and poetry of Etheridge Knight, a freedom-loving black poet living in Boston.”

Since Knight was one of my all-time favorite tortured-soul scarred-radical-genius explosively-complex literary heroes, I knew well enough who he was. A sharp sting of envy focused my attention on the fact that Bedrick had actually sat in his presence. Moreover, he had received something of a literary benediction from the 1987 American Book Award-winning author after reciting Knight’s powerful poem, “Belly Song,” for him. That act moved the great poet to declare, “You own that poem; I give it to you.”

The Sea in Me and The Sea in You

To read the full article by Aberjhani please click the link:

Counselor Calls for Major Change in Talking Back to Dr. Phil (part 1 of 4) – National African-American Art |

YouTube video still of poet Etheridge Knight from 5 Poems by Etheridge Knight

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