Calendar of National Poetry and Jazz Appreciation Month Events at Bright Skylark LP

The month of April is always an exciting one at Bright Skylark Literary Productions. It arrives with opportunities to share, at a minimum, combined celebrations of National Poetry Month and National Jazz Appreciation Month with readers and audiences worldwide. This year, it is especially  thrilling because in addition to regular features and highlights, the following list of special events are also scheduled to take place:

April Second

The Carousel of Sustainable Compassion Number 1, a more visually-oriented  interpretation of Bright Skylark’s popular Conversations with the World series, makes its debut. The 25 quotation memes, digital posters, and artworks have been curated as a celebratory sampler of the many ways which writings by Aberjhani have supported the humanitarian values and visions of different organizations’ and individual’s platforms. They range from education and personal motivation to environmental sustainability, coexistence, human rights, and a great deal more.   

April Fourth

The GoFundMe page in the Ike Carter and Aberjhani Music Heritage Project will launch to raise funds in support of the extended research, composition, and publication of a major volume on radio programmer and music historian Carter’s life and musical times. The campaign is slated to run from April 4, 2023 to June 30, 2023. The project is one on which a considerable amount of work has already been accomplished since January 2022. For more insights and details please visit url:

April Fourteenth

Publication of a special text edition of the artbook titled Black and Blue Letters from the Red Zone titled: These Black and Blue Red Zone Days (ISBN: 979-8-218-17561-0). Showcased in the special edition are the stories, letters, and poems included in the artbook by noted creative Ah-Bear-Zhah-Knee (whose name is properly spelled: A-b-e-r-j-h-a-n-i). This trade-size paperback makes it easy for people who like to read on the go, or who simply prefer a book they can comfortably hold while reading in bed, instead of the larger gift volume designed to feature color art alongside the text.

April Nineteenth

The Senior Savannah Learning Center noon program will present a celebration of Art and Words by Aberjhani. The program will feature readings from the author’s new book: These Black and Blue Red Zone Days, a display of artworks, and a PowerPoint presentation. This will be the author-artist’s first 2023 public appearance.

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