2023 Flight of the Midnight Skylark in a Jazz Suite Mode

This episode is based on a blog article by the American author and documentarian whose name is pronounced, Ah-bear-zhah-nee, and spelled A-b-e-r-j-h-a-n-i. The following are in his words:

Writers, poets, and artists often draw creative inspiration from each other in ways that produce memorable moments. Such was the case in 2012, when Death of a Bebop Wife author, Grange “Lady Haig” Rutan, happened upon a post of my poem, titled Philosophy of the Midnight Skylark in a Jazz Suite Mode, on the former Creative Thinkers International community website founded by me.

I was slightly familiar the music of her former husband, jazz pianist Al Haig. However, I knew nothing at all about her own work at the time.  Consequently, I was stunned when she sent me a message to express the impact my poem had had on her.

What follows, in observation of Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month, and Poem In Your Pocket Day, is the poem Lady Haig found moving enough to write me about. Again, this is:  

Philosophy of the Midnight Skylark in a Jazz Suite Mode
Hot rumbling notions of bittersweet blueswomen
fog elegant sidewalks with the ghosts of tears,
howling saxophonic testimonies to lies
told on history––and blame placed on love.

Street lamps and big cats wear my face gently,
like a mask of painted poems and nude prayers.
In a midnight skylark jazz suite mode,
the downbeat climbs its way back up to clarity.

Perfumed adagios of purple lull twilight to sleep
as rivers of winged reflections wake the power of dreams.
Feather and bone unravel, while tongues of song,
spit overloaded gigabytes of pain exploding faith.

Stoned lions roar nuclear lyrics, about the way,
it used to be never coming back again. Tough sh*t so
truly uncool. In a midnight skylark jazz suite mode,
piano sorcerers translate prophecies of angst

into silk equations of bebop equals mc/square sublime.

by Aberjhani
from The River of Winged Dreams

To enjoy this post in its entirety, which includes Lady Haig’s written response to the poem just cited, please visit Bright Skylark Literary Productions where access and reading are free at:


Thank you.

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