By Aberjhani: Report on 2011 International Year Part 3, In the Land of Afro-Germans

Photo of actress and sociologist Nkechi Madubuko by Bodo Ganswindt.

With the
International Year for People of African Descent getting underway in January and Black History Month 2011 launching this week, Afro-descendants throughout the Global Village are assessing, celebrating, and documenting their experiences in diverse communities. Along those lines, various groups such as the Initiative of Black People in Germany have promoted Black History Month in February since the early 1990s.

German periodicals like Der Spiegle and Zeit have featured articles exploring the usefulness or futility of identifying oneself as an Afro-descendant in Germany. Popular German hip hop acts along the lines of Brothers Keepers and Advanced Chemistry have noted that the distinction is a politically important one because black people within the country experience hardships stemming directly from prejudice based on the color of their skin.

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Report on 2011 International Year part 3: In the land of Afro-Germans – National African-American Art |

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